Hendra House Residential Home is excellent. They have looked after my mother for six and a half years. The home is warm, welcoming and spotlessly clean. The staff who are efficient, professional and work incredibly hard for the benefit of all the residents are always cheerful, informative and helpful.

It is a real home away from home. They genuinely care for their residents like a family. The fabrics and buildings are often updated and improved as necessary. Any suggestions are positively received and discussed at regular resident?s meetings with staff, family and residents alike. New initiatives are brought in recently the community dental health service which is a great success.

Last week my mother became ill and was immediately given attentive care involving the local doctor, ambulance and hospital. Incidentally, Shrewsbury Hospital was very impressed with Hendra’s actions and all-around care for mum. Rated them “outstanding” unique care home in the area.

I cannot praise them enough. Without their prompt actions and excellent service, my mum would not be here today. She is happy and comfortable and settled at Hendra House given all the care she needs in a warm and friendly environment. Hendra is in my opinion too is outstanding.