As regular blog readers know the staff at Hendra are amazing, this belief being reinforced during the pandemic. We would like to share this poem, written by Vince which tells the story of our actions to date as we have navigated the stormy seas during the pandemic.

Ode to the Good Ship Hendra

Like every other care home, we?d faced choppy seas before
But with the risk of Corona Virus we could all be washed up on the shore
What with ever changing forecasts, of what we could expect
After 18 years of sailing, we could all end up as wrecks.

So, we summoned up the crew, and took them to one side
They said don?t worry Captain we are ready for the ride.
Our precious cargo were our residents, those of the human sort
We knew we had to protect them and sail safely back home to port.

Without our personal protective equipment, we knew we all could die
But thanks to forward planning we had a good supply.
Our Captain AKA Care Manager was of the highest class
Like every other care home, we prayed the storm would pass.

We then received the strongest message, it came back from the crew
Ships Officers do not worry, we know what we can do.
Call HMS Furlough aside, and take some crew away
The rest of the good ship Hendra have all decided to stay.

Away from all their loved ones with very little rest.
Beyond the call of duty, we knew we had the best.
Everyone helped each other and developed brand new skills
From cooking, laundry and cleaning but not administering pills.

The Captain?s family lost a loved one, but she still decided to stay
Hugs and tears with family, can wait for another day.
Our cargo is so precious, that?s why we do the job we do
And that?s why the good ship Hendra, is a very special crew.

We exchanged our comfy billets we left upon the shore
And all dossed down like sailors do, with a mattress on the floor.
51 long days passed without rest, not even for a day.
?That?s what we signed up for? because that?s the Hendra way.

Captain monitored our wellbeing, as we became a little weary
Individual emotions were also stretched, and at times a little teary.
One by one we went ashore, replaced from Furloughs crew
Each one just as committed, and we all knew what to do.

Family members from afar, worried about the cargo on our ship
And even wished sometimes that they could have joined us on this trip.
This battle is not over yet, and yes there?s been a cost
But the good ship Hendra still sails the sea?s, without one life being lost.

There are so many similar ships spread throughout the land
As social carers of this great nation, together we took the stand.
Politicians called us unskilled, again we knew they lied
Without our passion and dedication, so many more would have died.

Hopefully when we finally reach land, the virus will have gone
And every one of us will accept, reflect, and simply just move on.
We do not do this for money, but recognition would be fair
We gave our hearts and so much more, just because we care.