Our mother has been living at Hendra House for more than 2 1/2 years. From the start, my sister and I have been impressed by the attitude and practice of the staff who have devoted so much careful and thoughtful attention towards our mother’s happiness and welfare. We are so pleased that she is living in such a caring and stimulating home. Gradually our mother’s needs have changed so that she now requires a great deal of care and support. Despite the increased demands on staff, the Manager told us that Hendra is Mum’s home and that they would provide whatever care is necessary to meet her needs.

It was a huge relief to us that Mum could continue living in ‘her home’. Mum has been given wonderful care; a mixture of good humour and attention to detail. Close liaison with medical staff in the community has meant that she continues to be healthy and comfortable. Despite her difficulties, Mum is happy and contented and we have peace of mind that she is treated with such dignity and kindness.