Finally, our inspirational Care Manager Lindsay has got married to her husband Chris in Pathos in Cyprus.

Despite having to cancel the ceremony on numerous occasions due to the pandemic they managed to “tie the knot” and are now officially Mr and Mrs Lewis.

Even as late as last week on the eve of their planned departure Lindsay was seriously considering cancelling the event to ensure that her residents and staff remained safe after an outbreak in the home.

Fortunately, we persuaded her to go and enjoy her special day and have some well-deserved respite from the pandemic.

Not that Lindsay forgot about us, she has been sending the covid test results to Vince on a daily basis, and even on her wedding night the results still came through. How about that for dedication.

We are all so appreciative of her commitment to the home and its residents and families, as well as her amazing staff team.

Here’s wishing the new Mr and Mrs Lewis a long and happily married life together.