Lindsay, our Care Manager, has contacted family members to identify our strategy regarding visiting.

We are allowing pre-booked window visits and maintaining our Skype sessions again by appointment to ensure residents and families do not feel isolated.

Whilst we want to see you all back at Hendra at the earliest opportunity, we do not believe it would be in the residents or Staff members best interests to reopen the home in the near future.

As you are all aware, tremendous sacrifices have been made to ensure our residents and staff have remained COVID-19 free, and we do not want the sacrifices made to have been in vain by opening too soon.

As you are aware speak to the local GP?s on a regular basis to evaluate the risks within the area.

Once we are confident that the risk to our residents and our staff is minimised to an acceptable level, or even better eradicated, we will be back to normal.

We will get there, but sadly none of us knows when.

Should anyone have any specific concerns, please feel free to contact Lindsay.