Good Evening to Everyone,

We are hoping that you all had a lovely safe Easter, and able to have your facilitated visits.

It is great to see that so many families were able to make use of the visiting appointments.

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back into the conservatory at Hendra, where we will be able to facilitate a safe visit from 2 named people from Monday 12th April. The two named people can visit the home on either separate occasions or together but will be required to follow certain steps to reduce the risk of infection to the person they are visiting and to others in the care home.

The shielded lobby visits with the screen will still occur for anyone who still wants to maintain the visits but is not deemed a named visitor.

Named Visitors will be required to follow the guidance of taking a rapid test (lateral flow) every time you visit. Hendra will provide the tests for you.

Anyone that enters the home will be required to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) for the duration of the visit. Hendra will provide these.

Named visitors will be required to adhere to all other infection control measures, such as maintaining social distancing with staff and other residents that may be in the garden.

Staff will be in touch with you all over the weekend regarding who will be the two named visitors.

What a visit allows for the named visitors will be sitting in the conservatory with no screen between you. We must make you aware that the guidance strictly advises against physical contact. However, we are human and therefore, with the PPE in place, it will be allowed, but try to keep it as minimal as possible as every increase of contact increases the chance of passing on the virus.

Visits at both the booth and the conservatory will be for a maximum of 45 minutes. This is to enable as many visits as possible and to help us ‘share out’ visiting appointments, so everyone gets the chance to have one. The named visitors will be required to turn up 30 minutes prior to their booked visiting time for the rapid test to be taken and results to be obtained.

Even though you or your loved one may have had the vaccine, it is still important to follow all the advice and be careful with PPE and social distancing to reduce the risk of infection as this is not just the home of your loved ones but the home of many other residents and their families.

It has been appreciated the efforts that everyone has gone to keep everyone as safe as possible, and therefore we do have the right to terminate a visit if someone refuses to follow advice or instructions.

You can still visit if you have not been vaccinated. However, we do strongly recommend you have the vaccine when it is offered to you to help make the visiting safer.

Just to reinforce that any PPE provided must remain on throughout the visit, and you call for assistance via the call bell system as movement around the home to visitors is restricted.

This is all in the right direction, but we do trust families with the information that they provide us with. Please be open and honest for us to keep things moving forward.

Stay Safe

Lindsay, Vince and all of Team Hendra xx