As everyone connected with Hendra is aware, we have consistently invested heavily in the development of our staff at all levels.

You will also appreciate that the pandemic has restricted external trainers visiting the home. Notwithstanding that, we have maintained our commitment to training to ensure that staff developed both new skills and reinforced existing skills to ensure the residents and the staff employed at the home remain as safe as they can be.

As identified in a previous blog Lindsay and Gemma trained and were assessed to undertake swab testing and assessing staff on the effective and appropriate use of personal protective equipment.

All staff have been assessed to ensure that they can demonstrate how to use PPE safely and in accordance with the local Clinical Commissioning Group?s policies and protocols.

In addition, all care and housekeeping staff will have completed the Corona Virus Level 3 award shortly.

Congratulations to Jackie Angell and Julie Harper who were the first to successfully complete the programme.