Hopefully, we can look forward to the future with some optimism, I feel we should recognise what a difficult time it has been for both staff and residents.

The residents have been amazing and have accepted the situation and got on with their lives as normal, demonstrating a true “Bull Dog Spirit”.

No doubt their spirits have been raised by the efforts of our wonderful staff teams, who as well as completing their roles have also been subject to rigorous and continuous testing to ensure that our residents remained as safe as possible.

To date, we have completed over 1400 staff tests and almost 400 resident tests, each having to be taken safely, sent for analysis amid strict infection control protocols, and recorded accurately daily.

To date, we have only received a total of eight positive tests, seven recorded by staff members and only one recorded by a resident. This equates to a positive to test ratio of 0.44%.

More importantly, is the fact that none of those who tested positive presented with the classic Covid symptoms.

The control of the virus has been an amazing achievement by all concerned. Well done, everyone.