As we start a New Year, I found this poem by Zoe Porter, which I feel captures what it’s like to be a Carer, and the contribution they make to the lives of so many.

I wake them up, I get them dressed
I brush their hair, so they look their best.
I make their bed and wash their clothes,
The little things that no-one knows.
I hold their hand when they are scared,
I talk to them when no-ones there.
I give them a friend when they are alone,
I treat them like family, like one of my own.
And when it’s time to save a life
I keep my head strong and hold my head high.
I wait until its all over, when everything is done,
When the house has gone quiet, the emptiness comes.
So please don’t judge me, when you think I don’t care.
I look after your family when you are not there.

On behalf of all residents and their families, we salute you for the wonderful job you continue to do.