Delighted to report that all the resident’s results have come back negative, which is a relief, however we are still trying to encourage social distancing in communal areas until we have completed our second swabs tomorrow, and the 9 staff who completed swabs yesterday have their results back. Hopefully, this will allow time for any potential cells to develop and catch it at our earliest opportunity. 

We have this evening started to develop support bubbles within the home just until the outbreak has passed. Therefore, reducing the risk but supporting the well-being of the individual.

Some residents have said that they are fine with being in their room watching tv and having hotel room service …. why not be pampered when in this situation.

Others like to chat with each other and have a drink of sherry, whiskey or wine whilst keeping socially distant. We feel choice is so important to reduce anxiety within the home.

The staff who have tested positive are fine, a few had mild symptoms coming on this evening as in tiredness but unsure if it is because they have stopped working and the current situation catches up with anyone. So hopefully everything will be ok, and we wish them and their families well.

Public Health England has been in touch to respond to our email that we have to send to notify them of an outbreak, and they are more than happy at present with how it is being led and managed.

They liked our contingency plans that we have in place and should the results come back different from what we hope and expect they felt that there is nothing more than we can be doing, so hopefully all is in hand, only time will tell.

 I have asked them if they could investigate if there is a link between care homes that have had the vaccine and the positive results, I am observing that there are many homes that are having asymptomatic positives in the last few weeks and just wonder if there Is something in the vaccine that increases levels in the body to produce a positive result so it will be interesting to see if there is a link. 

Any other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me and thank you for all the lovely emails of support they have been really appreciated. 

Stay Safe