As you are all aware from our last update, all residents and staff that were able to have the vaccine were given their 2nd dose.

I will be honest the side effects of the second dose were noticed more this time than the vaccine in January, many staff and residents were more fatigued and experienced discomfort which thankfully has improved as the 72-hour window approaches.

All the residents have been amazing, and we were able to reflect on the first vaccine on ways that would be the least disruptive to their home when the second vaccination took place. Their views were influential in how we facilitated the process last week.

Ongoing discussions this week with the GPs and Shropshire Council confirmed that we have made the right decisions regarding the past and future visits.

We are now looking at facilitating visits in the garden and via the lobby from the 1st April and hope that everyone risk assesses their own situation of who they might come into contact with externally, before visiting the home.

Lobby visits will continue as they have been, this is working well, and we do not feel the necessity to change this.

However, if you opt for a garden visit the need for one allocated person per household and an LFD test prior to visit would still be required. 

Could I ask that any bookings for visits are made via Hendra to ensure that they are all logged, and staff are aware, to ensure that visits are facilitated in the safest and most efficient way possible.

We hope to start organising some trips away from the home within the residents Hendra bubble via the minibus and hopefully this will also be a positive move to looking forward and bringing back “normality” at the earliest opportunity.

Hopefully, this is a positive move for everyone, and please remember we are always at hand to receive and support any comments, suggestions, or concerns that you may have.

Keep safe

Lindsay, Vince and all of Team Hendra