Hello Everyone,

I hope that you are all safe and well.
There isn’t really much this week to update, other than to thank you all for your lovely emails of support and looking forward to the next rollout of vaccines which are scheduled to take place on Saturday 27th March.

Plans for this week will be a whole-home swab carried out tomorrow of anyone that has not received a positive covid result in the last 90 days, so hopefully, the results will be back before Friday.

All lead practitioners are back in their roles as keyworkers following their return from annual leave, so they will be in touch as you have planned with them.

The weekly GP rounds are working well and in a safe manner, and any matters that we receive from you are discussed at these rounds.

We are also in the process of looking at the menus as the seasons change. If anyone has any favourites that they shared with their loved ones, please let me or their keyworkers know, and we will look at how we could possibly incorporate them into the new menus.

So as previously highlighted, a nice small update today, stay safe.
Lindsay, Vince and all of Team Hendra x