Can I thank you for your messages of concern and wishing our staff the best it is much appreciated.  

Update within Hendra, at present (touch wood) we have been able to contain the virus to staff, and therefore, we can say after the 2 whole home swabs taken from residents over the last 7 days, all have returned negative, which is fantastic news.  

However, as we are coming out of one lot of isolation period, we enter another with as one staff member tested positive this afternoon.

Again, all LFD (quick home tests) results were negative from the last PCR (sent off swabs-more sensitive). The staff have now been replaced on all shifts for the next 10 days to reduce any further risk and to follow government guidance.

However, this presents us with a predicament, and we have 3 positive staff cases within the last 14 days, so we are still deemed as in an outbreak, however Vince and I have spoken and feel that if we cancel another week’s visits, this is likely to have a detrimental effect on the residents who have been looking forward to seeing families.

We have reviewed the risk and the preventative measures we have in place together with the possible psychological impact on residents and families and feel that an appropriate and evaluated risk can be taken.

However, there will be strict rules that must be followed.  

  • The visits will be booked in advance from single households; even if you have formed bubbles between houses, the visits must be from one address. (We are trusting everyone to be open and transparent). 
  • Visits are no more than 30 minutes, and both residents and families need to be distanced away from the door screen. (Which I know a lot of you are great at doing). Guidance states it being within 2 meters of someone for more than 15 minutes without PPE- the shield I think you would all agree, give some protection. 
  • Hand sanitiser is to be used when entering the lobby. 
  • Sadly, there will be no refreshments provided to minimise risk. 
  • Only visit if you feel that you must, I know quite a few families I have spoken to are happy to wait until the 2ndvaccine or after 12th April.
  • Therefore, we are allowing you as a family to take some ownership in your decisions, and we have been honest with the facts; therefore, you can individually make informed choices.  

However, after retesting the home on Friday 26th February, there were any positives cases by residents, then the families of the individuals identified will need to be postponed until they have finished their isolation period. 

I hope that you will all appreciate that we have taken a positive but cautious approach, and your support during the outbreak period is appreciated.  

I will be updating you all next week with the way forward with direct contact, lobby visits, zoom and skype availability.  

Thank you all again for your support and feedback.

Lindsay, Vince and all at Team Hendra