Good Morning everyone. 

Thanks to everyone who completed the evaluation forms sent out yesterday; they have given us a great insight into how we are managing through the pandemic. 

The feedback received to date identifies support for the decisions we have made rather than the Government guidance. This is important as it reinforces that the decision’s we have made have been made wherever possible in the best interests of our resident’s and their families.

At present, and to comply with Public Health England and Government Guidance, their advice is that a home is classed as outbreak for 28 days from a positive PCR test and therefore should be locked down to prevent the spread of infection. 

We feel that we have already completed 28 days from the previous outbreak, and to complete another 28 days of lockdown for some residents and their families would be both psychologically and mentally detrimental. 

Therefore, our decision is that visits will resume from next Thursday 25th February.

The reason for that decision is that we have decided on this date is to comply with the government guidance on isolation in your own home and requires that if someone has tested positive, they must isolate for 10 days from first symptoms.

By adopting this date, it will also allow us to check the results from the next batch of home swabs which will be taken on Monday 22nd February, and therefore we believe we are complying with the guidance in the least restrictive way. 

We hope you all understand the rationale behind our decision, and whilst this has not been an easy decision to make and you can all be assured that we hope to begin to arrange visits at the earliest possible opportunity.

I would also like to make you aware that we have ordered a large storage box to accommodate any post and parcels that are delivered, thereby ensuring that the visiting booth is only used by families on pre-booked visits.

We hope this modification will increase the safety of those of you visiting loved ones. 

Lindsay, Vince and Team Hendra