Hi Everyone

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well.

It has been lovely to see some normality starting to appear, the movement from our home to yours, walks around the blocks and visits both shielded at the porch or using the garden and conservatory.

As we have still no known cases in Ludlow and the routine home testing of both staff and residents which was taken on Tuesday have come back as all clear.

I am pleased to announce that we continue with how our current visiting arrangements.

We still only have the large quantity boxes of LFD tests in the home, so these are still not licensed to be given out yet. However, most of you have had access to your own and have been testing and showing us confirmation of a negative result. This has been much appreciated as it enables the visit to commence as soon as you arrive.

Along with most homes in the country, we have room availability at present.

This is unheard of at Hendra House, but the pandemic has left its mark due in part to the anxiety and bad press of people who are considering living in care a home.

We do have potential new residents on the list, but due to confusing care home guidance from the central government, they are at present reluctant to move in; however, if you know anyone that you feel would benefit from some respite care or support for a longer period, please do not hesitate to signpost them to Hendra .

The new activities sheet is on the blog, and I hope that this helps with the planning of your visits.

If, as always, there is anything that you require further support with, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Vince.

Take care and enjoy the lovely weather.

Lindsay, Vince and all of Team Hendra xx