Good Morning Everyone,

A quick update for this week and what has been going on within Hendra.

All residents have had their PCR Covid swabs taken, and we are pleased to announce that all the results we received back were negative.

The shielded visits are still working well, we have allocated a member of staff on shift to ensure each resident is aware of the visit with a reminder 20 minutes before so that they are waiting in the lounge for you to arrive, as we want to facilitate a smooth visit and allow the best use of time as we all know time is very precious.

There will be no visits booked for next Saturday 27th March as you are aware this is provisionally booked as our 2nd Vaccine date, we have received confirmation that the vaccines have been allocated to the home, but we will not know until the day before that the clinic goes ahead, as a lot can happen with supply chains etc. This is why our GP has booked them within the 11th week to try and cover every eventuality.

The improvement in the weather has meant that residents are venturing more into the fresh air and planting flowers. It is nice to see the colour coming back into the garden, and it gives us all hope through this pandemic.

The census forms have been completed within Hendra, the 101 questions have been asked, you would hope that one day the census would ask for residents to reflect back since the last census of 10 years, it certainly would have been easier for both residents and care providers especially in the current pandemic, but with our detailed care plans, the work the Key-Workers do with yourselves we had a lot of the information required.

Lastly, can I again take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and kind emails. They have been greatly received and passed on to staff.

Stay safe and well.

Lindsay, Vince and Team Hendra xx