At a time when Shropshire Council is asking all care providers to engage in flexibility and co-operation between both parties, it would appear that the sentiment has not been shared with their Civil Enforcement Officers. 

Recently a resident urgently needed transporting to a GP appointment after his booked transport was cancelled. 

At short notice and on her day off Catia offered to come to the rescue and transported the resident to ensure he did not miss his appointment. 

She took the homes envelope which holds the Blue Disabled Parking documentation. On arrival at the car park, she noticed a disabled bay was available and parked. 

She then realised that the Blue Badge had been removed from the envelope. She did not have time to return to the home, so purchased a parking ticket. 

Imagine her disappointment when she returned to her vehicle just 13 minutes later to find a parking ticket attached to her windscreen. She explained her predicament to the Civil Enforcement Officer and offered to return to the home to get the Blue Badge, but the CEO refused the offer leaving Catia with a potential £70 fine. 

We have contacted the authority to appeal the fine due to the mitigating circumstances. 

We await their response with bated breath.