Just an update to keep you all informed of recent developments.

We have had several staff that have had to isolate over the last few weeks, which as a result of our investment in training, has had minimal impact on the home’s operations. 

Our residents have undergone additional testing and I am delighted to inform you that all results are negative. Further tests are scheduled for today and again on the 24th.

Following the guidance from Public Health England, the staff have all completed their isolation and are now back to work at the earliest opportunity. 

Guidance from PHE means that the home is still in a full lock until the results are received which will hopefully be by the 26th January.

Door visits will still be allowed as this is working really well, however, for relatives who have a family at the home and are unable to facilitate a door visit we will allow one member of their family to sit in the room with them whilst the full lockdown is enforced. 

All such visits will be risk assessed on an individual basis to minimise disruption to the health and wellbeing of our residents. 

You have all been amazing with your support and well wishes, also it has been appreciated by all the staff that you are all avoiding calling the home at its busiest times.

If you require any further help and support, please do not hesitate to contact me or Vince.