We are delighted to announce that during the past month all of our staff have either completed the Mental Health 2 Day or 1 Day refresher programme.

As part of the training, all staff received a Covid debrief with their colleagues, where they were able to share their individual experiences, fears, and concerns in an open and safe environment

It is believed that we are the first home in Shropshire to offer such sessions to all of their staff and we believe this is the least we can do to support such a wonderful work team who have fought and overcome all of the challenges placed on them during the pandemic.

Our staff made tremendous sacrifices to ensure the safety of our residents and was the reason we did not lose any residents from the Coronavirus. Their efforts are even more remarkable when you consider that from almost 3000 tests being taken we only had one positive test amongst our residents, and fortunately, that resident did not present with any symptoms of the virus.

As a team, our staff have been inspirational, and we believe that without the Mental Health Training prior to the pandemic together with the immediate access to the homes psychotherapist during the pandemic we would not have made the achievements we have.

Well done Team Hendra