As everyone is aware, we are so proud of the team we have at Hendra, especially during the past six months.

The commitment and dedication of all staff has been amazing, and the personal sacrifices made have been immense.

This being so it should come as no surprise that Lindsay, our amazing Care Manager has made the difficult decision to cancel her impending wedding which was due to take place in Cyprus next month.

Lindsay said that despite being “disappointed to be missing her big day”  the cancellation means that she will now be available for her residents especially as we are beginning to see an escalation in the number new cases in the local community.

Chris and Lindsay now plan to marry next year.

Having just returned to working our normal 7-hour shifts, the escalation in cases may mean that we may have to revert to 12 hour shifts again.

On a positive note we continue to have staff tested every week, and to date no positive results have been identified.

However hard families find the current restriction on visiting, we believe this is a small price to pay to ensure that your loved ones are as safe as they can be.

We have all made tremendous sacrifices and would all be devastated if any of our residents and staff were to contract this deadly virus.