Hello everyone.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. This is a very short update just to say thank you to you all for helping us keep Hendra as safe as we can.

To date, we have taken 2338 tests and only 1 resident result was recorded as a positive test result, and thankfully did not present with any symptoms.

This, I believe, is a clear indication of how effectively our fantastic staff have managed the pandemic within the home.

All of last week’s swabs have come back negative and will be retaken each month as normal.

For any families wishing to take their loved ones away from the home, there is a short risk assessment that we will need your help and support to fill in and adhere to.

The LFD results being taken at home for those who have access to them through work etc, need to be shown to staff in the email that you receive this, so we have the result and the day that you are visiting/going away from the home.

As identified previously, the May activities sheet will be published on the website and hopefully, some form of sense and normality is returning. You will notice that there is a Residents Enrichment Session which must be booked by appointment.

These sessions will be facilitated by Lauren who is a Level 7 Psychotherapist and works with Hendra for the benefit of both residents and staff.

This is her first session back face to face with residents but she has been working to support staff throughout the pandemic. She will have two consecutive fortnights sessions with the resident’s, and they are able to book a session – the first se