As you are aware, we in consultation with our residents are designing our new garden project.

As an additional activity, the garden designer is putting together a pictorial presentation of the types of plants and shrub?s she is planning to use so that residents can give an opinion on their suitability.

Since the last news on the garden project, we have received feedback on what we want and can be achieved within the space available.

Individual projects identified include:

  • An area for contemplation
  • Space for group socialisation and chat
  • Disguising the boundary fence
  • Improved accessibility
  • Areas of shade
  • Provision for growing cut flowers/annuals, herbs, strawberries and a small amount of vegetables which will offer gardening activities
  • Planting to encourage wildlife
  • Planting with colour and a long season of interest but also seasonal change
  • A memory space.

We are all excited about the project and will be looking to commence the works at the earliest opportunity.