We are delighted to announce that the new fire alarm system has finally been installed and commissioned and is now fully operational.

The final part of the installation involved moving the control panel to the new front entrance. To complement the upgrade a new fire safety zone plan has been designed and in alignment with the revisions made to the original fire safety zones.

We have also incorporated a designated cabinet to store all relevant documents and information which are instantly accessible to the Fire and Rescue Service should the need arise.

Although not part of the fire alarm system we have also commissioned an adaptation to the lift which ensures that if the alarm is sounded the lift care will automatically descend to the ground floor thereby minimising the risk of a resident inadvertently trying to use the lift if the alarm has been activated. This in turn reduces the need to deploy a member of staff to the lift door and ensures they can be more effectively deployed in evacuating residents from the risk area.

The total works will have cost in excess of £45,000 and we hope everyone is reassured of our commitment to providing a safe environment for all of our residents and staff.