The skype facility worked well on Mother?s Day and we will repeat this again as, and when time allows.

The residents enjoyed the party on Mother?s Day, and we are carrying out as many activities and physical exercises as possible in the garden.

Lindsay and everyone at Team Hendra want you all to know that your loved ones are happy, settled and in good spirits.

We do appreciate the reduction in phone calls, but if you or a family member do need to speak, we will, of course, facilitate this whenever we can.

We have been amazed at how supportive the local community has been during the lockdown:

Thanks to Sandra Nicholas for making cakes for both staff and residents on Mother?s Day.

Thanks to Wendy Kirby at the Castle Buttery for donating free of charge items which she could not use when she had to shut.

Thanks to Farmers of Ludlow for allowing us sufficient supplies of fruit for our residents.

Thanks to Radnor Hills Mineral Water Company for donating free of charge supplies of their products.

Thanks to the Ludlow Gin Company who are diversifying and producing alcohol sanitiser, again at no cost to the home.

We have even had the families of former residents contacting us to offer their best wishes and let us know that they are thinking of us.

Let?s all hope and pray that we get through this, with as little disruption as possible and thank you to everyone for the support they have given us during the past two weeks.

We will, of course, continue to update our website on a regular basis to keep you all updated.