Further to my previous blog I would like to inform you that in alignment with current government guidelines to minimise the risk of the spread of the disease, the home remains open to visitors.

However, we would ask anyone who is considering visiting to ask themselves the following questions:

Are you presenting with the symptoms of COVID-19?

Are you feeling unwell?

If they answer to either of these questions is yes you should refrain from visiting the home.

You will also be required to sanitise your hands upon arrival and when leaving the building.

We are aware that some homes have implemented a blanket ban on visitors, and residents leaving the home. Whilst each home has its own policies, we have chosen to follow the advice issued by the government which places equal importance on the residents physical and mental wellbeing.

We will, of course, monitor the situation daily and implement changes as necessary to ensure we best always meet the needs of our residents.

For your information, the latest government guidelines can be accessed by clicking onto the following link.