Further on from my previous blog the home is still not admitting visitors. It is therefore important that we keep you all up to date with developments.



  • Three members of staff have had to self-isolate for 12 weeks because they are deemed to be in the at-risk category due to age, underlying medical conditions and pregnancy.
  • One staff member returned today after presenting with symptoms which may have been symptomatic with coronavirus.
  • One member of staff who has recently returned from a holiday in Thailand is due back to work shortly after her 14-day isolation period ends.
  • A number of staff are not at work due to the fact that either their children or husbands / partners presented with potential COVID-19 symptoms. All are due to return to work on 5th April.
  • Lindsay has been proactive and is working closely with the local surgeries to ensure we are doing everything possible to safeguard your loved ones and our staff.
  • We always carry a four-week stock of supplies and additional handwash and personal protective equipment (PPE) is due to be delivered this week.
  • We have issued our staff with identity cards as evidence to the police that they are recognised as ?Critical Workers? if they are stopped on their way to or from work.
  • We now have introduced a system whereby staff enter the home via the flat and change from their normal clothes, which are then placed in an individual container. They then change into their uniforms which have been laundered at the home previously. This exercise is then repeated in reverse as they leave the building.
  • From Monday we will be changing our staff rotas to enable staff who are able, to work 12-hour shifts thereby reducing the number of staff entering the building during the day, and hopefully minimising the risk even further.
  • We have also developed a further contingency plan whereby if the threat increases, 9 staff members have agreed to remain at the home 24 X 7 to covers shifts.
  • For the foreseeable future Vince will be working from home but will be in constant contact and instantly available if required, (One less liability around the building).

We always knew our staff team were exceptional, but they have exceeded all expectations with their commitment, passion and dedication to ensuring that all of our residents receive outstanding care as normal.