Further on from my previous blog on Monday 16th March the home is still not admitting visitors. It is therefore important that we keep you all up to date with developments.

  • Both staff and residents continue to have their temperatures checked on a daily basis.
  • Families should leave any items for their loved one in the reception area by the front door and NOT attempt to enter the building. It would also be helpful if you leave items that they have the residents name on them as it is likely we will have more than one mum in the home on Mother?s Day.
  • We continue to monitor our diligence in promoting fluids to our residents.
  • Additional handwash and personal protective equipment (PPE) is due to be delivered next week.
  • We have written to all staff and informed them of developments and the strategies we will be adopting so as to keep them informed and updated
  • We now have established a social media facility to enable you to talk to your loved ones without entering the home.
  • Exercise activities have become a regular feature, these include chair aerobics, line dancing and music. ?I will survive? and ?Always look on the Bright Side of Life? seem to be top of the charts.
  • We will continue to update our website on a regular basis.
  • Fortunately, all of our staff are identified as critical workers by the Government and childcare and school provision has been acquired for the children of our staff.
  • Our staff have been inspirational in their flexibility and commitment to address issues presented by the crisis.
  • By clearing out the flat, we have dedicated sleeping provision for three members of staff, and one member is willing to bring her Sleeper Van and park it on the dive if necessary.
  • As part of the flat clear out we provided space for a staff children?s creche in case it was needed, but now childcare provision has been achieved at the schools, the room will now become a dedicated training area with its own kitchen annex.
  • Like everyone else, we are experiencing some difficulties in obtaining certain foods due to panic buying. Lindsay has been booking slots in advance to address this matter, and we have installed an additional freezer to enable us not to stockpile but to ensure we have sufficient supplies.
  • We held a tea party on Thursday and are arranging a special Mother?s Day celebration on Sunday with many of the staff coming in on their days off to help.

We always knew our staff team was exceptional, but they have exceeded all expectations with their commitment, passion and dedication to ensuring that all of our residents receive outstanding care during recent events.