Further on from my previous blog yesterday the government have now escalated the controls that need to be in place.

From 1830 today we will unable to admit visitors to the home.

To keep you fully informed we have already implemented the following procedures:

  • Both staff and residents will have their temperatures checked on a daily basis.
  • Access to the home for healthcare practitioners such as GP?s and District Nurses will be limited to entry by the door next to the treatment room.
  • Suppliers have been asked to deliver to the rear entrance.
  • Families should leave any items for their loved one in the reception area by the front door and NOT attempt to enter the building.
  • We will increase our diligence in promoting fluids to our residents.
  • We have secured a four-week supply of medication for all residents.
  • We have purchased additional handwash and personal protective equipment (PPE) for use around the home.
  • We have written to all staff and informed them of developments and the strategies we will be adopting so as to keep them informed and updated.
  • We have carried out assessments on staff who may be deemed to be vulnerable and will monitor the wellbeing of staff on a daily and individual basis.
  • We are looking at a means of setting up a skype or similar facility to enable you to talk to your loved ones without entering the home.
  • We are implementing more exercise activities to maintain mobility.
  • We will keep adding updates on our website.
  • We are reviewing our contingency plans to ensure we have sufficient staff available. At this moment in time one our biggest threat is if the schools close. However, having spoken to our staff there is a ?Bulldog Spirit? which will hopefully see us through.
  • At the moment in time, we are experiencing some difficulties in obtaining certain foods due to panic buying and are looking at alternative supplies for some items.                         

To date, we have received no definitive guidelines from the government but are receiving government updates as they are issued.

Should any of you wish to review the latest government guidelines can be accessed by clicking onto the following link.


We will endeavour to keep you updated as developments occur, and so as not to spoil Mother?s Day we are planning an extra special party for our residents on the day.

In addition, staff have volunteered to work to help make the day special and not disappoint our residents.

As you would expect we have had to cancel the Residents and Relatives meeting which was scheduled for 24th March.

I think that brings you up to date for the moment but keep reading the blog for any developments.