With the escalation of the Coronavirus within the community over the past 24 hours, we have taken the decision to adopt a total lockdown of the home with effect from 0800 on Saturday 4th April 2020.

Although we have no cases of the virus, we feel this is the most appropriate action to take to safeguard our staff and residents in both the short and longer term.

What this means is that 8 members of staff will reside at the home for the foreseeable future, which is an immense contribution on their behalf to leave their families and loved ones to care for our residents.

We are in the fortunate position of having such a passionate and committed staff team at the home to enable us to do this. We have provision for staff to sleep at the home and some have been in residency since mid-week as we believed this decision would be inevitable.

It has been agreed that Lindsay will be one of the staff members to remain at the home and Vince will be operating away from the home to ensure the role of Senior Managers can be maintained throughout.

The home has had evolving contingency plans since the outbreak, and we have now escalated our plan to the next level. We have also contingency plans for other staff members to replace their colleagues if the total lockdown exceeds a three-week period.

In the interim the remaining staff will be placed on Furlough Regulations which means they will remain at home and 80% of their wages will be paid by the government.

Those who are unable to commit due to family commitments will continue to support their colleagues via messenger and other social medial platforms.

We hope our resident?s families take great comfort from the commitment and dedication of our staff at these worrying times.

From everyone at Team Hendra we send our love and best wishes to you all.