Whereas we were all disappointed to receive our first positive test results during January, I think we should put into context the impact and the testing completed to date.

Only by adopting an open and transparent method of communication can we hope to reassure everyone that we are doing everything possible to keep our residents and staff safe in these difficult times.

To date, we have completed 981 tests on both staff and residents.

Only six have been returned as positive and affected one resident and five members of staff.

The one resident who tested positive showed no signs or symptoms of the virus, and after a period of isolation is now integrated back into the home.

Of the five staff members who tested positive, all are at this moment in time isolating at home. Of those five, only two presented with minor symptoms of the virus and the remaining three have shown no symptoms whatsoever.

I hope this information is reassuring to both residents and their families alike and highlights the effectiveness of our infection control and testing procedures.