As you are all aware the home is led by one of the most inspirational and dedicated people we could have had, namely Lindsay Giess.

Her commitment to achieve the best for both her residents and staff in these difficult times truly demonstrates what a passionate Care Manager she is, and we are so proud and blessed to have her at Hendra House.

51 days of living and working at the home have not always been easy, especially as she was unable to give her son a hug on his recent birthday, and was not able to support her partner during the unexpected death of his father.

During lockdown Lindsay did a video for all staff every night during the 51 days to keep those not at work and updated of everything that was going on at the home.

There have been high and lows along the way, but whatever the role threw at her she was always smiling and an inspiration to us all.

There have been many hero?s during this pandemic and Lindsay must surely be up there with the best.

Two small, but heartfelt words from all residents, their families and all your colleagues.