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Welcome -  the latest edition of the Hendra Herald, the homes newsletter. As you all know things have been, and continue to be moving on at a pace at Hendra, so I hope this newsletter highlights our past achievements, as well as our future aspirations for the home and our residents.

Care Homes Evaluation - I am delighted to announce that the home has retained the ultimate 10/10 rating and is currently rated as the 9th highest care home providing elderly care in the country.

As you are aware our CQC inspector used resident and relatives feedback as one piece of evidence during our previous and most recent inspections.

We continually evaluate the effectiveness of our service delivery as part of our monthly review process but we are also keen for as many residents and families to take part in the external evaluation process. Evaluation forms can be obtained from Vince, Lisa or Lindsay or if you wish to comment on line please go to .

Relatives & Residents Meeting - Our most recent residents and relatives meeting took place at the home on Tuesday 23rd August and the meeting was well attended by residents and relatives alike.

Staff Issues - One of the many positive themes which came out of our Residents and Relatives meeting was the strength of support from those present to all members of staff for consistently delivering a quality service which meets the individual needs of each resident and their families.

Gill and I are tremendously proud of the staff team that we have developed at Hendra House. We believe that our continued investment in staff development, coupled with staff commitment and dedication ensures that we not only meet, but in many instances exceeds the expectations of our resident’s.

Sadly during the past few months we have said goodbye to a number of loyal and respected members of staff namely Lynsey Tipton, Rose Parker, Lauren McNinch and Chloe Orsborn.

Can I thank them for the contribution they have made to the success of the home, and who knows we may see them back at some time in the future as their individual circumstances change.

Since the last newsletter I am delighted to announce that we have recruited Angie Marczuk who in the short time she has been with us has been promoted to Lead Practitioner on nights.

In addition we have recruited Gaynor Harrington and KaeDidlick who are both experienced carers, as well as Kelly Lysy and Claire Davies our latest apprentices.

I am sure you will all join me in wishing Rose Meier (Morris) a happy confinement as she commences her maternity leave.

Staff Development - As you are all aware staff development is a key part of our success to date.
Since the last newsletter Lindsay Giess has completed the Level 5 End of Life Management programme.

Rosie Hawkins has completed her NVQ level 3 care award and has been promoted to the role of Trainee Lead Practitioner.

Gemma Locke will shortly complete the Level 2 Care Award and has been promoted to Team Leader.
In addition Millie Giess has commenced the Level 2 Diploma and Kelly Lysy and Clare Davies will be beginning the same award shortly.

Bev Laird and Kerry Williams have or will shortly complete the NVQ Level 2 award in Hospitality and House Keeping respectively.

In addition Lin Starkey, Jackie Vickers and Tracey Mansell have commenced the Hospitality and House Keeping level 2 awards.

As well as nationally recognised vocational awards members of staff have undertaken new training initiatives in Diabetes Care and End of Life Care at the RSH and Shropshire Hospice.

Our bespoke dementia programme has been a great success, and as part of the programme we facilitated a dementia awareness session for family members.

I am pleased to record that during the current year we expect to invest over £35,000 on staff development.

Electronic Care Plan System - The introduction of the new electronic care plan system has been a great success.

As a result we now have far more detailed care plans than before, with instant access to all records.

The primary reason why we made such a significant investment in both time and money is that staff will be able to spend more time with our residents. Not content with what we have already, we are working closely with the software designers to develop the system further.

Electronic Medication System - In the last newsletter I identified the positive feedback from the inspectors after our medication inspection.

Since the inspection we have introduced an electronic medication system to complement the electronic care plan system.
Despite our frustrations at the delay in implementing the system, the system is working well.

Lindsay and Lisa have been working closely with the designers of the system and it was pleasing to see that many of the improvements they had identified have now been implemented, and were showcased at the Care Show in Birmingham earlier in the month.

Resident News - Since our last newsletter we have lost five of our much loved and respected residents, namely Mrs Bridget Bearman, Mrs Grace Constable, Mrs Marjorie Don, Mrs Edna Green and Mrs Jean Thompson.

Can I thank all of the families for their kind words of appreciation regarding the quality of service provided by all staff at the home and the generous donations made to both the staff and the Residents Comfort Fund.

At the same time it gives me great pleasure to welcome George Morris, Lois Bennett, Doreen Gatehouse, Dorothy Hall and Denis Law and their families.We hope they have a long and happy residency at Hendra House.

Activities - Lindsay and the girls are developing a busy activities programme for the Christmas period.

Special thanks to Helen Milton and Chris Refausse who run the successful weekly Craft Club at the home.

Summer Fete - Despite the weather, which necessitated a venue change 6 hours before the event this year’s fete was our most successful ever.

Can I place on record my sincere thanks to everyone who rallied around on the morning and enabled us to find a new venue, arrange transport for residents and fete items, contact local radio stations to notify the public of the changes, and set up in a new location all within a 3 hour window. “Team Hendra” at its best and an achievement we can all be truly proud of.

Our efforts and hard work were rewarded when we raised almost £3,500 for the Residents Comfort Fund.

And Finally - A reminder that our next residents and relatives meeting will take place at the home on Tuesday 29th November 2016 commencing at 6.30pm when I hope to see as many of you as possible.

I am sure you will all want to join me in thanking our wonderful staff for the fantastic contribution they make in ensuring that all of our residents needs are fully met on every occasion.