Care Home
 HCAI Prevention
 Care Home: Hendra House RH, Location: Ludlow
 Date: 05/12/12
 Completed by: J Hassall and Mel and Rachael
 Score: 100%
 Management Yes-No-N/A Comments
1Are up to date records kept detailing staff training in infection prevention and control? YSCHT infection prevention and control nurse delivers IPC training to all staff
2Are staff immunised in line with current guidelines? YStaff know what immunisation is availble - flu immunisation has been offered to staff
3Are accurate records kept of staff immunisation status and dates for future boosters as appropriate? YRecords seen detailing immunisation status of staff
4Is there an identified infection prevention and control link person? YRachael Steele is the IPC link nurse, she attends link updates
5Is documentary evidence available of IPC audits undertaken within home? YAudits are carried out within the home
6Are Infection prevention and control policies available as required by the Health & Social Care Act 2008 YIPC policies available within the home
7Do staff receive induction training within first week of employment? Y 
8Are cleaning schedules completed and up to date with frequencies and responsibilities identified? (including curtains) YCleaning schedules seen for the home
 Hand Hygiene    
9Are hand washbasins available at the point of care and in all clinical areas. Yhand washing facilities are available to staff
10Are hand hygiene products in appropriate dispensers and visibly clean? YAll bedroom now have liquid soap and paper towels availble for staff - this has been introduced since the previous audit 3 years ago.
11Are hand washbasins accessible, in a good state of repair visibly clean and free from mould, limescale and extraneous items? YAll hand wash basins are exceptionally clean and in a very good state of repair.
12Do staff adopt a bare below the elbow approach? YAll staff are bare below the elbow, this is documented in staff hand books.
13Are hand hygiene technique laminated posters displayed? YHand hygiene posters displayed in appropriate places.
 Personal Protective Equipment   
14Is personal protective equipment available, accessible and stored appropriately? YGood supplies of PPE readily available throughout the home.
15Is disposable PPE worn as single use items and changed between every episode of care? YStaff use PPE appropriately
16Are disposable aprons worn as single use items by domestic staff and changed between rooms when cleaning? YDoemstic staff have disposable single use aprons on the trolley
17Is there a range of sizes of non-sterile powder free gloves available? YFull range of glove sizes in all areas of the home
18Are heavy duty household gloves available? YHeavy duty gloves provided for deomestic staff
 Waste Disposal   
19Are waste bins enclosed, lidded and foot operated? YAll bins lidded and foot operated
20Are waste bins clean and in a good state of repair? YAll bins are clean and in good repair - bin liners used in all bins
 Fixtures and Fittings   
21Is the environment including floor visibly clean, in a good state of repair? YThe environment is in good repair - new furniture is being ordered for the lounge
22Are air-vents/fans visibly clean? YAll seen were clean
23Are light pull cords visibly clean and stain free? YAll cords are clean and covered in washable plastic tubing
24Are radiators positioned to allow effective cleaning of the floor? YThe radiators in some areas are easy to clean under. Those that are to the floor in some areas are able to be moved up to allow the vacuum cleaner nozzle to clean underneath. Others which can not be moved are being placed on the building/maintenace schedule for future work.
25Are the rooms free from clutter to allow ease of cleaning? YAll rooms are free of clutter
 Resident Bedrooms   
26Are resident bedrooms visibly clean, free from dust and inappropriate items? YResidents room are extremely clean, bright and homely
27Is there evidence of an audit programme to check the condition of bed mattresses and covers? YAll matresses are checked and documentation seen
28Does a randomly selected mattress pass the integrity test? YA matress was inspected at the time of audit and found to be in a good state of repair and covered with a waterproof cover.
29Is all furniture in a good state of repair? YAll furniture is in an excellent condition
 Resident Bathrooms   
30Are baths, showers including shower curtains and fittings visibly clean? YAll bathrooms are extremely clean
31Are bath/shower mats visibly clean, dry and free from mould? N/AAll fixtures are clean and in a good state of repair
32Is the ambulift clean and in a good state of repair? YThe ambulift is clean and in good repair
33Are bathroom/showers free from extraneous items? YNo items belonging to, or for the use of residents are stored in the bathroom
 Toilets/En suites   
34Are toilets visibly clean and in a good state of repair? YAll toilets are clean and in good repair
35Are toilets free from extraneous items? YNo items were noted in the toilets
36Is contamination of items avoided? YYes, limited extra toilet rolls are available
37Are toilet brushes and holders visibly clean and in good condition? YToilet brushes and holders were noted to be exceptionally clean
38Are toilet rolls in appropriate holders? YYes all toilet rolls were in holders
 Toilet Equipment   
39Are the commodes clean? YCommode checked and found to be clean
40Are the commodes in good condition? YYes - in good condition
41Are raised toilet seats clean and in good condition? YRaised toilet seat checked - clean
42Are toilet frames/handrails visibly clean and in a good state of repair? YAll in good repair and clean
 Clean Utility/Treatment/Examination room   
43Are all sterile products stored above floor level? YThe treatement room has excellent cupboard facilities and items are stored inside.
44Are sterile products sealed, in date and undamaged? YSterile products all in date and undamaged
45Can staff describe the symbol used to indicate single use items? YAll staff know the symbol
46Are all work surfaces free from clutter? YThe treatment room is clean, tidy and well organised.
 Sluice/ Dirty Utility   
47Is there a separate designated hand wash basin? YThere is hand wash basins in all areas where staff need to decontaminate their hands including in the corridor by the back door after clinical waste bags have been disposed off outside.
48Is there a designated deep sink for washing used equipment or suitable alternative? YYes there is a deep sink where items can be washed
49Is the sluice door kept closed? N/ANo sluice room
50Is the sluice free from extraneous items? N/Ano sluice room
51Are bedpans and urinals clean, in good condition and stored correctly to minimise contamination? YYes all are cleaned and stored inside the commode
52Is the Bed Pan washer/Macerator in working order and clean? N/A 
53Is there evidence of Bed Pan washer/ Macerator being checked daily? N/A 
 Domestics Room   
54Is there a dedicated room for storage of cleaning equipment? YThe home has a new purpose build domestic room to store equipment
55Is there a disposal unit for the disposal of contaminated wastewater or suitable alternative? YThere is a fully working domestics sink unit
56Are mops and buckets stored inverted clean and dry? YAll mops are hung up- to dry over a stainless steel drip tray - buckets are stored inverted
57Are chlorine based products available for use? YChlorine is availble in the home
58Can staff describe which product should be used for routine cleaning? YThe cleaner is very knowledgeable about the products she is using - her cleaning trolley is the cleanest, tidiest, organised trolley I have ever seen.
59Are mops-heads laundered weekly or are disposable? YMop heads are laundered weekly
60Is cleaning equipment and machinery left clean and dry after use? YAll equipment is clean and stored dry
61Are diluted products discarded after 24 hours? YDiluted products are labelled and dated
 Laundry/Linen Room   
62Is there a designated clean storage area or enclosed trolley for clean linen? YThere is linen cupboards and a trolley
63Is the storage area/trolley visibly clean and tidy and free from inappropriate items? YThe linen cupboards are extremely clean and tidy. All linen was noted to be in good repair and very clean
64Are red alginate bags available? YYes
65Is PPE worn when handling used linen? YGood supplies of PPE available in the laundry
66Is an industrial washing machine is available with sluice facilities? YYes - sluice facilities are available
 Management of Patient Equipment   
67Is patient equipment detailed on the cleaning schedule? YComprehensive schedules available
 Sharps Disposal   
68Are sharps disposed of safely? YAll sharps safety is being followed
 Respiratory Equipment   
69Are nebulisers single patient use, stored in clean area and labeled as clean? N/A 
 Manual Handling Equipment   
70Is manual handling equipment stored appropriately? YManual handling equipment stored in the resident's room
71Are manual handling slings/sheets single patient use or if reusable laundered after use? YAll are single patient use - excellent practice
72Are hoists visibly clean and in a good state of repair? YAll hoists seen were very clean
 Miscellaneous Equipment   
73Are aids such as walking sticks, zimmer frames, helping hands visibly clean and stored in a suitable area? YAll aids were very clean
74Are wheelchairs visibly clean and in a good state of repair? YAll wheelchairs seen were clean and in good repair
75Does a pressure-relieving cushion pass the integrity test? YPropad cushion checked and passed
76Do chair cushions pass the integrity test? YYes - cushion checked and passed
Totals  70 Yes
   0 No
   6 N/A
Score  100%